God has given “The CONQUEST” to Apostle Chika Onuzo as an avenue to share what He has taught him, that has brought forth revolutionary blessings, miracles, and deliverances. Learn these treasures directly from the Apostle that you might flow in the same grace. Share them with your own congregation to also prepare them to be one of God’s vessels that He will use in the end time.
You’re invited to bring your Ministry Team and receive:
  • Mission-focused training
  • Leadership development
  • Registration fee discount
Come fellowship with Apostle Chika Onuzo and other like-minded Leaders to strategize for fulfilling God’s purpose on the earth.
There’s a glory experience for everyone! The youth will participate in a purpose-driven program tailor-made for ages 12 through 17, to develop their love for God and His purpose and to foster a sincere passion to evangelize their generation.
Saturday’s ministry will conclude with a Water Baptism. Even if you’ve been baptized before, we invite you to participate and experience demonstrations of the glory of God in this powerful, anointed service. You must attend Thursday-Saturday of the conference to be a candidate for water baptism. Sign up at registration.